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Location: Chestnut Hill, MA

Completed: Fall 2023

General Contractor: JSO Builders


The project, a whole-house renovation of an existing Tudor Revival style home constructed in 1927, reorients the first floor living spaces towards an expansive view of the hills to the southwest through the addition of a black cantilevered cube with extensive windows.  The addition allows for the creation of a combined kitchen / dining / living space on the first floor which visually connects the house to several new terraced outdoor living spaces one level below.  On the second floor, a new bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room have been added, and the circulation on this level has been reconfigured to brighten the space and better connect the bedrooms to an open central stair.  On the third floor, an existing hatch was reconfigured to extend the main stair up to a vaulted flex space that includes a new skylit bathroom.  The material palette of the house strikes a balance between respecting the character and details of the existing house, and more aggressively calling out the addition with modern materials and more extensive glazing.

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