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Location: Brookline, MA

Completed: Fall 2014


The renovation work in this 1590 SF three-bedroom condominium included the complete reconfiguration of the kitchen to provide a new dining peninsula, a walk-through pantry, and a small office space.  In addition, existing hall closets were reconfigured to make space for a second bathroom, and several bedroom closets were reconfigured to allow for dual closets in the master bedroom, as well as a window seat and double wardrobes in the second bedroom.  All of these changes were made with the intent of accommodating modern amenities, additional storage, and more flexible living spaces within a limited envelope.


The renovation project also included upgrades to the envelope and systems to improve the unit's energy performance.  The exterior envelope was insulated, and a new energy-star boiler was installed.  In addition, fiberglass low-e windows, low-flow plumbing fixtures, dual flush toilets, and LED light fixtures were added to boost energy performance. Stylistically, the design utilized a simple palette which respected the general character of the Victorian flat constructed in 1900, while opting for a simpler and more modern aesthetic in the cabinetry, tile, and details to simplify and brighten the space.

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