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Location: Weston, MA

Completed: Spring 2024

Interior Photography: Shelly Harrison Photography


The design for this 4-bedroom single family home is carefully situated within a sloped, wooded landscape.  The massing of the house is terraced, to minimize its scale from the street and ensure that there is a constant dialog between interior and exterior gathering spaces.  A gestural butterfly roof floats above two terraced roof decks, providing shade while framing each outdoor space.  The plan configuration of the house is organized in two parallel bars, a southern volume clad in Cumaru and a northern, stucco-clad volume. The primary spaces in the house are south-facing and oriented towards the terraces.  The design incorporates sustainable principles when possible, including super-insulated exterior walls, triple-glazing, a rainscreen cladding system, a green roof, high-performance mechanical systems, and LED lighting fixtures.

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