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Executed as WRT/Solomon ETC

Location: San Francisco, CA

Completed: Fall 2009


Mosaica is a mixed-use city block designed in collaboration with neighbors and stakeholders.  The project was designed through an extensive community outreach process, which resulted in a mixed-use city block designed for residents of diverse ages and households and built over arts, light industrial, and community use spaces. 151 units of affordable housing, including 93 family units, 24 senior units, and 34 condominiums intended for low income families are arranged around three distinct mid-block open spaces. A new alley bisects the site through three storey tall portals in the perimeter of the block; the alley is lined on both sides at ground level with workshops and artists’ spaces. The entry to the semi-public south-facing courtyard a half level up from the street is flanked by a community room and classrooms for neighborhood programs, and is linked by mid-block portals to a quieter courtyard to the north. Parking is located a half level below grade and is lined with lobby entries, workshops, and residential stoops.


Mosaica’s green strategies include highly efficient MEP systems and equipment to reduce operational energy usage; recycled, durable and non-toxic materials, water efficient plumbing fixtures and irrigation, 75% construction waste diversion and renewable energy in the form of a 109.7 kw roof mounted photo-voltaic array, the largest such residential array in San Francisco.



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