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Location: Brookline, MA

Completed: Spring 2019

Photography: Shelly Harrison Photography


The renovation of this 1,376 SF garden level condominium demolished a small galley kitchen and separate dining area, as well as a bank of small closets to create a large, open kitchen/living/dining space that brought natural light deep into the center of the unit. Translucent glass doors were also added throughout the unit to bring natural light into the central circulation spaces, and a rough shell space was converted into a children’s playroom with ample storage to recoup the lost closet space. The design utilized a material palette of grays, whites, and blues. Blue base cabinets acted as an accent in the kitchen, while upper cabinets and shelving utilized a simple white to maximize natural light in the space. The countertops and backsplashes were a simple white quartz with a marble texture to further increase the bright, airy quality of the renovated space. Opening up the living space in an existing condominium building required substantial coordination to ensure that the existing building’s structure and mechanical systems remained untouched.

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