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Single Family Homes

ACA's residential work ranges from renovations of single family homes and condominiums to new construction. Our offce is adept at navigating the complexities of local planning and building agencies, and we relish the challenge of exploring new sites and cities. 


Our renovation work brings a sensitive and modern approach to renovating older homes, one which balances a careful attention to the original detailing with a more aggressively modern approach as a means to bring space and light to the interior spaces.

Multi-Family Housing

ACA has worked extensively on multi-family housing and mixed use projects.  We understand the complexities of managing density, bulk, open space, and parking, while providing elegant designs that enhance both the public and private realm. 


We are experienced at managing the significant budgetary constraints of afforable housing projects, while producing designs that maximize space and light in the units. We are able to work creatively with limited means and produce designs with simple yet substantial detailing.

Institutional Projects

ACA's institutional projects include academic buildings, infrastructural projects, office buildings, and museums. 


Sustainable design principles inform the conception of all our institutional projects. Our designs strive to maximize the use of natural light, incorporate energy efficient mechanical systems, and utilize green materials when possible.  


Every project is designed with the intent of maximizing its life cycle and creating a building that will be valued for generations.

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