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View of Kitchen Addition and Deck from Northwest
View of Kitchen Addition and Deck from North
View of Kitchen Addition and Deck from Northeast
View of Deck from Northeast
View of Kitchen from South
View of Kitchen from Southeast
View of Kitchen from Southwest
Detail views of Kitchen and Dining Area
View of Third Floor Bathroom from South
view of Second Floor Bathroom from South

Location: Brookline, MA

Completed: Fall 2020


The project transforms an existing seven bedroom, 2 ½ bath Victorian constructed in 1900 with a zinc-clad kitchen and deck addition at the rear of the house, as well as a reconfigured dining room and fully-renovated bathrooms. The existing kitchen had an idiosyncratic configuration which was very disconnected from the exterior of the house, as well as the existing dining room space. The addition simplifies the relationship between these spaces by reorienting the kitchen towards a view of the backyard and deck, while also connecting it visually and functionally to the adjacent dining room space.  A new island and sliding glass door become the focal points of the reconfigured space, transforming the kitchen into an indoor-outdoor living space. The material palette of the addition is intended to complement the color palette of the existing house, but in a simple and modern aesthetic that breathes new life into the existing house.

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