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Lawrence Road Residence: Energy Upgrades for An Existing Structure

Lawrence Road was a good test case for the effectiveness of whole-house energy upgrades in an existing structure. The recently-completed project included significant R-value upgrades to the exterior envelope by adding rigid insulation outboard of the existing framing, as well as a new air-vapor-water barrier, triple-glazed windows, underslab basement insulation, and new foundation wall insulation. These envelope upgrades were also augmented with a new air-source heat pump system, a new induction range, and new photovoltaic panels at the existing roof. The energy upgrades also provided an opportunity to rethink the plan arrangement of the house as an open concept-plan which better accommodated passive ventilation, while allowing for new exterior facades in a simpler and more modern aesthetic.

Detail of East Facade Bay

Street Facade View from Southwest

View from Southeast

West Facade at Porch

North Facade Detail

East Facade View

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