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Conant Road Residence: Energy Efficiency and Triple Glazing

Conant Road is making significant progress with construction, and the progress with the exterior envelope reveals some of the most efficient components of the house. The exterior walls are designed to achieve an R-value of R-37, and the installed above-grade wall construction was thickened to achieve over R-42, which is highly efficient and meets the Passivhaus standard for exterior walls. The Euroline triple-glazed tilt-and-turn fiberglass ThermoPlus windows complement the high efficiency of the exterior walls, providing superior U-values (.13 for the glazing), acoustical performance, condensation resistance, and impact resistance. Triple-glazed window manufacturers have also made significant advances in the allowable size of the windows, which has allowed the project to incorporate fixed triple-glazed lites which are as large as 38 square feet in area. This allows the house to maximize its energy performance without sacrificing daylighting and views in the interior spaces.

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